June 30, 2007

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George Bush didn’t even imply
He pretty much just wondered why
Fidel is so ill
And kind of a pill
He’s taking his sweet time to die

But right when he said this out loud
He clammed up in front of the crowd
“We can’t desecrate
A close head of state
It’s fun, but it’s just not allowed!”

Won’t be hearing a peep out of her. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Much to John Conyers’ despair
The White House refuses to share
Attorney Fred Fielding
Says, “no we’re not yielding
Give up ‘cause you don’t have a prayer”

If you’re a D.C. politician
In decent athletic condition
On a different stage
You may choose to engage
In tough party line competition

Their defense in sad disarray
Sums up how the Democrats play
It’s shocking to none
The Republicans won
But it makes a fun rhyme anyway

Citing an ad about Kohl
The Justices found a loophole
The case took a stab
At safe-guarding gab
Or at least its political role

Go ahead, make that ad for TV
There’s no threat from the ol’ F.E.C.
This may change the debate
Of the race in ‘08
Or at least the campaign strategy

If you ever question God’s will
Just look at Sir 54-mill
I’m glad to report
Our own D.C. court
Gave Pearson a verdict of nill

So “satisfaction guaranteed”
Is not a legitimate plead
Some things just aren’t free
Like stupidity
And now he must pay for his greed

Gordon Brown is up next

June 24, 2007

Today they announced that it’s Brown
Who’ll get the torch once Blair steps down
It just goes to show
If you’re Tony’s foe
You’ll all but inherit the crown

Nothing about her really says “I have great taste in music”. Photo courtesy of Slate.

A history splendid and long
Can be told of the campaign theme song
But Hillary’s choice
Of Ms. Dion’s voice
Seems totally tragic and wrong

‘Fore choosing which ditty to use
She asked for her followers’ views
I’m just not so keen
On their choice of Celine
Truth be told, I think she’s a snooze

Sorry, I couldn’t find a good shot of the shoes. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

If we’re to believe Tony Blair
The key ain’t political flare
If you pick the right shoes
You never will lose
So long as you wear the same pair

Total Kodak moment. Photo courtesy of Reuters.

Yesterday marked the birth of Prince Will
He inherited quite a few mill
Along with the right
To wed whom he might
Even if the girl makes the Queen ill