District Limerick’s Week-in-Review

June 10, 2007

On Sunday the Dems did all flock
To New Hampshire for talk of Iraq
Bad plan from the start
So don’t tear me apart
Was the gist of the speech from Barack

The two detainees at the bay
Had a pretty miraculous Monday
It’s almost absurd
That the lack of one word
Could clear them to go on their way

On Tuesday, but 40 years yore
Set in motion the six-day war
Just because it was fast
Doesn’t mean it’s all past
The aftermath’s hard to ignore

A whole bunch of news came out Wednesday
Not least of which from the F.D.A
Says their drug’s mostly fine
How much do you need your heart anyway?

On Thursday they met at G8
We thought Putin would be irate
But he urged G-Dub on
Pushing Azerbaijan
As one place for a shield to locate

On Friday Bush met with the Pope
Who’s worried how Christians can cope
With such a small flock
Currently in Iraq
Will harassment occur? Bush said nope

There’s no such thing as a vacation
If the White House is your motivation
All Saturday
McCain gabbed away
To Iowans on immigration


One Response to “District Limerick’s Week-in-Review”

  1. allikatz Says:

    It seems that all the states
    Worry that they’ll be to late
    For the primary season
    Guess that is the reason
    By Christmas we’ll have a candidate

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