Judge refuses to delay Libby’s sentence

June 14, 2007

Libby leaves the courtroom…half smiling? Photo courtesy of the NYTimes

Scooter Libby sure has hell to pay
Since the judge refused to delay
With no word of a pardon
From Bush’s rose garden
He truly might be put away


3 Responses to “Judge refuses to delay Libby’s sentence”

  1. Lim'rick Master T Says:

    “since the judge refused to delay”

    yet he won’t go to jail for 6-8 weeks, how does that make sense?

  2. Chris Says:

    The judge refused to delay sending Libby to prison while his appeal is pending, brainiac.

    In the white collar context, especially, wealthy offenders generally post bond while their appeals are pending, because they will appeal absolutely everything regardless of cost. Yes, Libby won’t go to prison for a few weeks, but that’s normal. The Bureau of Prisons still has to decide where to put him, and then he can report there voluntarily. It’s common to have an offender report to prison weeks after the sentencing hearing (Paris Hilton is a notable example). It’s a process that takes time. The limerick made no claim that Libby was going to jail immediately; rather, it stated that the judge REFUSED TO DELAY. Had the judge granted Libby’s request to remain free while all appeals were pending, Libby could have remained free for several more MONTHS. Thus, while Libby won’t report to prison for a few weeks, the limerick is absolutely correct.

  3. Lim'rick Master T Says:

    I didn’t intend to insult the limerick, just our justice system (although reading what I said it does sounds that way). I just don’t get why it takes 2 months to decide where to put him. The limerick is great though.

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