The Week-in-Review

June 17, 2007

His polling may be at a low
But some folks still feel the Bush glow
Sunday in Albania
Was total Bush-mania
The response back at home was just “oh”

On Monday the vote fell just shy
Of the cloture needed to decry
One can only hope
Since he’s really a dope
That it won’t be too long ‘til good bye

On Tuesday, a bit to the east,
He didn’t hold back in the least
According to Blair
We all should beware
The press core is a “feral beast”

On Wednesday George Bush said, “now guys
Sure, it had an untimely demise”
Congress said, “yeah we suppose
Let’s see how it goes
We’ll give immigration more tries”

The young and the old both agree
That R-E-S-P-E-C-T
Is a heck of a song
C’mon sing along
‘Cause Thursday the song turned forty

On Friday came out of the earth
A Caddy that marked the state’s birth
50 years in the ground
Do the wheels still go round
Or’s nostalgia the bulk of its worth?

Saturday was no good for Nifong
Disbarred ‘cause he helped to prolong
The case against Duke
He deserves a rebuke
Even he knows his actions were wrong


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