Hillary chooses “You and I” by Celine Dion as her campaign song

June 22, 2007

Nothing about her really says “I have great taste in music”. Photo courtesy of Slate.

A history splendid and long
Can be told of the campaign theme song
But Hillary’s choice
Of Ms. Dion’s voice
Seems totally tragic and wrong

‘Fore choosing which ditty to use
She asked for her followers’ views
I’m just not so keen
On their choice of Celine
Truth be told, I think she’s a snooze

4 Responses to “Hillary chooses “You and I” by Celine Dion as her campaign song”

  1. allikatz Says:

    Shall we be fair to Ms. Clinton? I don’t think she liked the Celin Dion, either.

  2. Alex H. Says:

    It’s a pretty tragic sight.
    That awful song’s a blight.
    A sad reminder
    Of people’s blinders.
    And that most popular choice isn’t alway the right.

  3. bigbummer Says:

    I’m afraid that Mrs. Clinton’s ambition
    has put her in an awful position
    while this popular song
    is both horrid and wrong
    she can’t risk that old flip-flop suspicion

  4. coco Says:

    Some of you Americans are pathetic. You were asked to VOTE for the song YOU think should be the campain song and YOUR votes have spoken : You and I by Celine Dion. Now you have something bad to say again. It was YOUR choice! It’s similar in 2004. YOU were asked to vote between Bush and Kerry and YOU voted Bush despite the fact that the war has already started. Now You are looking for excuses but YOU made the VOTE so bear it.

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