Gordon Brown is up next

June 24, 2007

Today they announced that it’s Brown
Who’ll get the torch once Blair steps down
It just goes to show
If you’re Tony’s foe
You’ll all but inherit the crown


One Response to “Gordon Brown is up next”

  1. Chris Says:

    He’s become a bit of a world-trekker
    Has this Chancellor of the Exchequer
    He’s scuttled his brogue
    To sound much more in vogue
    Going ’round in a red double-decker.

    Mostly grins, but also some frowning
    When Mr. Blair exits 10 Downing
    Brits don’t just want a crony
    Of grandiloquent Tony
    At least Gordon’s quite good at accounting.

    There’s been talk that post-devolution
    Gordon Brown isn’t Scotland’s solution
    He’s a little too British
    Making Scots at home skittish
    Will the SNP talk revolution?

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