I want to see his foot! Photo courtesy of Slate.

Mitt Romney sure won’t take the fall
For what happened in Craig’s bathroom stall
He’s off the campaign
‘Cause he couldn’t restrain
His foot while in chilly Saint Paul


If you think Alberto’s a sleaze
You clearly don’t know your AGs
The prize for the worst
Goes to Mitchell, the first
To be jailed for his crime expertise

But really this Nixon right-winger
Was known for his Katie Graham zinger
He subtly hinted
If something was printed
Her tit would get caught in the wringer

Porn star no more

August 23, 2007

Photo courtesy of The Superficial.

Ms. Jameson has some big plans
Which involve taking out her fake cans
She threw in the towel
On films rather foul
Much to the chagrin of her fans

The face of an angel. Photo courtesy of the Washington Post.

It seems that Bob Filner’s a jerk
Who beat up the baggage claim clerk
His crappy job rating
Has got to be grating
No wonder the guy went beserk.

Today we laud those who compose
Something more than you’re usual prose
But let’s just be frank
Some rhymes are so rank
I shudder and hold shut my nasal passageways

Potential first lad(ies)

August 15, 2007

Ms. Kucinich has got a tongue ring
While Rudy’s wife wears lots-o-bling
But housekeeping skills
Are the assets of Bill’s
That he hopes to bring to the West Wing

Bye Karl!

August 14, 2007

The man whom the right-wing adored
Left Bush of his own free accord
He left when it’s slow
But they won’t let him go
Pat Leahy hates being ignored

The Dems think that Rove’s a disgrace
Off the hook in the CIA case
I feel for Ms. Plame
But at least he’s got aim
And he prob’ly won’t shoot off your face

Whatever, we won

August 8, 2007

 Hmmph. Photo courtesy of the Washington Post.

Yeah sure, Barry Bonds can proclaim
That he’s the new king of the game
But let’s get it right
At the end of the night
The Nats put the Giants to shame

On Sunday the investigations
Guessed pest poison misapplications
They don’t play around
With trains underground
So they closed down some three Metro stations

On Monday while chilling in Maine
The chief fell, experiencing pain
If the news that he seized
Made liberals pleased
From cheering, they knew to refrain

‘Til Tuesday the ‘why’ was unknown
For what makes some folks choose to bone
A chit-chatting break
To cure a headache
Or sheer fear of dying alone

On Wednesday the highway bridge cracked
The death toll is still not exact
The governor knew
The bridge structure blew
For that some think he should be sacked

On Thursday the Bancrofts gave in
And much to some readers’ chagrin
The offering price
Was enough to entice
Agreement with Fox’s kingpin

On Friday dear LG15
Departed for pastures more green
Sure, Bree wasn’t real
But my heart, she did steal
This limerick’s hurting my spleen

On Saturday Bonds made big news
But the cheers from the fans mixed with boos
He’s got lots of runs
But to build up his guns
Some serious ‘roids he did use

Photo courtesty of the Washington Post.

Today when the Feds took a gander
‘Round the home of the Senate’s long-stander
He pleads, “don’t conclude
Just because we’ve got crude
That these charges are more than pure slander”