The Week-in-Review Returns

August 5, 2007

On Sunday the investigations
Guessed pest poison misapplications
They don’t play around
With trains underground
So they closed down some three Metro stations

On Monday while chilling in Maine
The chief fell, experiencing pain
If the news that he seized
Made liberals pleased
From cheering, they knew to refrain

‘Til Tuesday the ‘why’ was unknown
For what makes some folks choose to bone
A chit-chatting break
To cure a headache
Or sheer fear of dying alone

On Wednesday the highway bridge cracked
The death toll is still not exact
The governor knew
The bridge structure blew
For that some think he should be sacked

On Thursday the Bancrofts gave in
And much to some readers’ chagrin
The offering price
Was enough to entice
Agreement with Fox’s kingpin

On Friday dear LG15
Departed for pastures more green
Sure, Bree wasn’t real
But my heart, she did steal
This limerick’s hurting my spleen

On Saturday Bonds made big news
But the cheers from the fans mixed with boos
He’s got lots of runs
But to build up his guns
Some serious ‘roids he did use


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