Good call, Barack

August 24, 2008

The man knows his stuff overseas
And plus, if you just drop your g’s
the real reason why
He trumped Evan Bayh
Is that everything rhymes with great ease

Proof: (to be read in the Texas drawl – and mindset – of our current administration)

The voting base don’t seem to widen
Just based on the veep choice of Biden
But he might allay
Charged naiveté
By helping Barack with decidin’


For days when there’s no seat in sight
This news is assured to delight
When Metro equips
Its trains with handgrips
For those of us lacking in height

We’ve heard that today’s not the day
But rumors abound anyway
It’s not such a leap
To think Kaine will be veep
With Barack stopping off in V.A.

I can’t help but be quite aware
That the guv’nor has slightly strange hair
I’ll forgive the toupee
Since Virginia’s in play
Win first, then look debonair

In DC we care more for scandals
Than the crime of our socks worn with sandals
Thank God shiny tights
Complement civil rights
And show off our hard earned love handles

With restaurant week come and gone
Lunch returns to being a yawn
But wasn’t it great
To pay $20.08
For bad service and barely a prawn?

But wait, that first rhyme needs amending
For the places who’re kindly extending
The restaurant week menu
At many a venue
Has yet one more week before ending

Squirrels endangered in DC

August 17, 2008

The WaPo has made me aware
That squirrels are getting quite rare
I’ve keenly deduced
Why their herd seems reduced
It’s those rats that look more like a bear

The District’s Top Model contender
Was formerly of the male gender
Our culture advances
And so do her chances
For guys tend to be tall and slender
He was ranked among boxing elite
But he had to lose weight to compete 
He started to fret
When he just couldn’t sweat
Why’d his body refused to excrete?
The boxer from Capitol Heights
Was favored to knock out their lights
He tried to prevail
But too late for the scale
And so he missed all of his fights

Edwards = Sleazeball

August 10, 2008

John Edwards showed mighty contrition
While making his Nightline admission
He sure did romance her
Despite his wife’s cancer
Which then, he says, was in remission
Mr. Edwards, the kid, and Rielle
Met up last month in a Hotel
But the kid isn’t his
And he’s not in the biz
Of hush money on the D.L.

While sporting a skimpy swimsuit
Ms. Hilton did try to refute
Poking fun at McCain
As she launched her “campaign”
With wit that came close to astute

To his age, she did more than allude
He went by the name “white haired dude”
As Pres she’d explore
Maybe drilling offshore
To lessen our problem with crude