The House and the Senate await
A vote to determine the fate
Of laws that say here
You can’t just appear
And purchase a new .38

– Edward Leer


With Congress now back on the Hill
The topic’s the energy bill
In order to win
The Dems may give in
To hollers of “Drill, baby, drill!”

– D.L.

It seems that repaving’s begun
Before the election is won
Both candidates tout
The inaugural route
Ain’t the only thing getting redone…

– D.L.

Preggers Palin

September 2, 2008

Her pregnancy all in the news,
Young Bristol’s elected to choose
The baby to keep;
Now Mom might be veep –
So conservatives won’t blow a fuse

-Edward Leer

Turns out D.L. isn’t the only limericist (limericizer?) in our fair city. Starting today, D.L. will be joined by Edward Leer. Yes Leer, not Lear. This means a virtually endless supply of wit, mirth, and rhyming merriment for our adoring public.  Lest ye miss out, we suggest checking back frequently, perhaps even adding us to your Google Reader…

Live long and prosper,

District Limerick & Edward Leer

P.S. Unlike the RNC, our limericizing is deterred only by wireless internet malfunction. Certainly not by weather patterns and pregnant teenagers…