MoCo, you loco!

January 27, 2009

Montgomery County: look here
This peremptory measure I fear
To close all your schools
Just means you are fools
“Five inches of snow?” Nowhere near!

-Edward Leer


It took the new staff merely days
To near set the building ablaze
Temp’ratures cold
Don’t help them to mold
A fix for our fiscal malaise

This feels a bit like de ja vu
Of episode 10, Season 2
Josh & Sam’s scene
Woke Martin Sheen
It’s proof that the West Wing is true!


The purple tix tunnel of doom
Was the snag that did cause the most gloom
In line folks did wait
‘Til close of the gate
Then gave up to watch from their room

If you were a part of that queue
The PIC’s got stuff for you
Your own color print
To give you a hint
Of what you’d have seen with a view


D.L. needs you!

January 21, 2009

Barack put DC to the test
It’s safe to say folks were impressed
In spite of the chill
The throngs reached two mil
And nary a one faced arrest

For tickets, your rhymer did lack
And therefore stood way in the back
I barely could see
The jumbo teevee
Regardless, my President’s black!

Now reader, you must be so weary
This lim’rick is nothing but cheery
A manner so sunny
Is just not that funny
(Confirming a commenter’s theory)

And so I shall now wrack my brain
For happenings o’er to complain
Perhaps you could post
What irked you the most
I’ll choose what is worth my disdain…



Arriving into Union Station
Where crowds waited with such elation
The masses dismayed
He went straight to his ‘cade
No wave, much less great oration


The word from the lib’ral elite
To people who live on the street
They’ll bus you away
At least for the day
Come Wednesday, you’re back to concrete

DC’s not the first to coerce
With incentives designed to disperse
Any state, you can pick it
And purchase a ticket
Just leave here and they’ll reimburse



“The engines blew out!” – We deduce
That the plane has flown into a goose
Now safe on the banks
Of the Hudson, give thanks
At least it was not a bull moose

– Edward Leer


Inaugural scalping’s near banned
But supply is not meeting demand
Gosh it’s so sportin’
Of Delegate Norton
To give out more passes to stand

Emergency cashmoneys for DC

January 14, 2009


With one million folks thought to show (maybe more)
A 30 percent chance of snow (not hardcore)
DC’s not a state
Which is why we’re irate
That we’re having to spend so much dough (and what for?)

But on this Inaugural eveĀ  (merely days)
It seems we’ve been granted reprieve (and a raise)
At Fenty’s request
We get a gold chest
Of change in which I can believe (’cause it pays)