D.L. needs you!

January 21, 2009

Barack put DC to the test
It’s safe to say folks were impressed
In spite of the chill
The throngs reached two mil
And nary a one faced arrest

For tickets, your rhymer did lack
And therefore stood way in the back
I barely could see
The jumbo teevee
Regardless, my President’s black!

Now reader, you must be so weary
This lim’rick is nothing but cheery
A manner so sunny
Is just not that funny
(Confirming a commenter’s theory)

And so I shall now wrack my brain
For happenings o’er to complain
Perhaps you could post
What irked you the most
I’ll choose what is worth my disdain…



2 Responses to “D.L. needs you!”

  1. ArdC Says:

    something about the gaff in the oath
    gates dropping the ball
    and obama jumping the gun

  2. Decoy Says:

    The best thing about swearing in
    Is that you can do it again!
    They redid the oath
    Barack and John both
    Much to the chief judge’s chagrin

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