The end of the tunnel, it nears
First yes vote in 31 years
Just one extra clause
Nixing gun control laws
Makes Senate and House bills not peers



Paramedics are basically dope
But misdiagnosis? um… nope
So medics: beware
And call it with care
‘Cause death as a fluke’s hard to cope…

-the guy sleeping on D.L.’s couch


Oh good, there’s a looming arrest
In the case that’s had Hill interns stressed
If no longer wary
Of sleeping with Gary
Why hesitate getting undressed?


Adorned in lamé and a dress
And a gender the crowd couldn’t guess
Elected online
His heels had a shine
The queen didn’t fail to impress

-Edward Leer

A professor has let it be known
Computer use, he won’t condone
GDub kids are wiley
And ever-so-styley
No laptops? They’ll gchat by iphone



The Council’s proposal is drastic
To cut back on “paper or plastic?”
Consumers are fickle
So charge them a nickel
And see if demand is elastic


The cabbie could not hit the brakes
The bartender saw seizure shakes
The window was smashed
Right when the cab crashed
But most folks walked out with just aches



Try four, Apple failed to obtain
The go-ahead for their glass pane
So go play some putt-putt
‘Til Metro is shut, WHAT?
Past ten, there may not be a train