It’s not really local, I guess
And our deficit is somewhat less
But don’t trust our luck
Good lord would it suck
To come up at Starbucks-Van Ness

-Edward Leer


With no federal funds will we ply
Obama to transfer or try
Any Gitmo detainees
Say the Hill insanees
It’s enough to make grown people cry.

And of course you cannot bring them here
Say members and staff with a sneer.
And give use details
On diplomatic travails
So to throw a wrench into those gears.

So what is Obama to do?
He can’t very well say “screw you!”
Or maybe he can
he’s a tough macho man
And in touch with his inner John Yoo.


Oooh oooh, another!

June 25, 2009

We thought he was hiking the trail
While he flew to B.A. for some tail
He thought he could hide
And so Sanford lied
His story was to no avail

No longer atop RGA
As Gov’nor it seems he will stay
Is what sets this apart
The affair of the heart
Or knowing that he didn’t pay?


The fire was most inauspicious
The marshals have deemed it suspicious
But where it once burned
The Market’s return’d
Chock full of food sweet and delicious

-Edward Leer

While lately it’s teeming with fools
It’s nice that majority rules
When given the choice
The patrons gave voice
Saying no to those Real World tools


Nine dead in the crash on the Metro
Recovery not over yet though
When it’s all said and done
And repairs have begun
WMATA will just watch their debt grow

Battle Born, eh?

June 17, 2009

The cure to D.L.’s summer slowdown
Is a steamy between the sheets hoedown
D. Vitter’s the past
And Craig, we’ve harrassed
So now, here’s the John Ensign lowdown:

The Senator shows great remorse
Let’s face it; that’s par for this course
The mom to his brood
Says their love is renewed
The thing worse than cheating? divorce.

We’ve come to the third and last verse
And here’s where it gets a bit worse
The lady he bedded
Was already wedded
To his friend and his staffer. Perverse!


SotG saved (part II)

June 10, 2009

Because of the public’s firm stancing
There’s news of a quick refinancing
The screen on the green
Is back on the scene!
Now just wait for that hbo dancing
-De poetry non est disputandum

It seems that we’ll all still be able
To picnic and gaze at Clark Gable
If Comcast has hoardes
They should put it towards
Their customer service for cable


Dead for real, or just poor timing? How pesky is that 2010 census? Does it make you want to…shoot someone?

Anyhow, whoever writes the best DC voting-themed limerick gets a hug, their own post, a limerick alias of their choosing, and possibly eternal glory (courtesy of the Express – see pg. 32 today).