(Insert DC voting rights limerick here)

June 10, 2009

Dead for real, or just poor timing? How pesky is that 2010 census? Does it make you want to…shoot someone?

Anyhow, whoever writes the best DC voting-themed limerick gets a hug, their own post, a limerick alias of their choosing, and possibly eternal glory (courtesy of the Express – see pg. 32 today).



6 Responses to “(Insert DC voting rights limerick here)”

  1. Claire N. Says:

    Is there a deadline on this?

  2. That one dude Says:

    Which is the topic of note?
    The story Mr. Crowe wrote?
    Filming Harold and Kumar 3?
    Real World Kids you’ll see?
    Or that no DCers can vote?

  3. Sam Novey Says:

    To make Congress hear as well as Horton
    There’s many a recess to shorten
    But justice under the dome
    starts right here at home
    By giving a vote to Rep. Norton

  4. MT Says:

    Congress should really stop hating
    and let us try representating
    but if we get the vote
    we will all quickly note
    that the guns will diminish our weighting

  5. Emma Says:

    To vote, D.C. wants the right,
    And Holmes Norton has put up a fight
    To get passed in this session
    A new legislation
    But there seems to be no end in sight.

    Indeed, it’s all just begun,
    And for Fenty, it’s really no fun:
    To become acknowledged
    By the Electoral College
    Means giving up restrictions on guns!

  6. Ez money Says:

    The media coverage all blows
    And impatience with stalling just grows
    As Ensign’s hot plight
    Takes all the spotlight
    While our senators are in shadows

    But no need to shake fists at Chief Rahm
    Or go crying back home to your Mom
    Though we have no vote
    We all can still gloat:
    At least we’re not way out in Guam

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