Battle Born, eh?

June 17, 2009

The cure to D.L.’s summer slowdown
Is a steamy between the sheets hoedown
D. Vitter’s the past
And Craig, we’ve harrassed
So now, here’s the John Ensign lowdown:

The Senator shows great remorse
Let’s face it; that’s par for this course
The mom to his brood
Says their love is renewed
The thing worse than cheating? divorce.

We’ve come to the third and last verse
And here’s where it gets a bit worse
The lady he bedded
Was already wedded
To his friend and his staffer. Perverse!



One Response to “Battle Born, eh?”

  1. Publius Says:

    D.L.’s got her letters inverted
    On the manner in which Ensign squirted.
    She deployed an S
    When a T would be best.
    The word’s not “perverse” but “perverted.”

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