In a quote that is sure to provoke
Catania called Barry a joke
If only each clash
Raised boatloads of cash
The District would be much less broke



D.C. budget season

July 28, 2009

It’s clear that the council is stressed
From how all the bloggers were pressed
Wells seemed a bit bitter
Said please do not Twitter
Free speech yields at no man’s behest!

With budget talks well underway
A. Fenty was echoed by Gray
If earmarks were nixed
Results would be mixed
But worth the nonprofits’ dismay?

So what about cutting some perks
From people who staff Public Works?
Would cars be a rarity
With parking parity
Each policy fix has its quirks


I hope you’re not put on the spot,
But it’s high time you fired some shot.
Our limericist
Is most grievously missed.
D.L.: Shit or get off the pot!

Your time off, you know, is all done.
While we trust it was good wholesome fun,
It’s time for your pen
To become active again.
You’re no longer on vaca-tion!



And speaking of vacation, check out this shot from the Irish countryside.

The wireless company Cricket
So des’prately wants you to pick it
So wallets are stashed
With vouchers, once cashed
Yield cash or a free NY ticket


The Nationals have their own station
Which seems like a crappy vocation
No need for The Fan
Look up in the stands
For there is your mayhem location


Graham’s plan for the park as an ode
Derailed by unique DC code
You must have at least
Been two years deceased
Before the new name is bestowed


It sounds like she really believes
This talk about women as leaves
Will give the mayor cover
But from his old lover
It gave nothing to me but dry heaves


From the New York desk:

July 11, 2009

A Dem thought he lacked the authority
To get his work done with priority
He switched sides of the aisle
But just for a while
Espada now leads the majority
-Future Philip Goedicke

I’ll admit that today I am torn
For where to direct rhyming scorn
Ensigns folks’ charity?
Barry’s vulgarity?
Each path seems a bit too well worn

One headline has caused quite the stink
For a phrase pretty mild, I think
Perhaps I’m uncouth
Or showing my youth
My point: I’ll take blogs over ink