Bitch turned me in.

July 5, 2009

That Marion’s under arrest
Is barely surprising, at best
He hounded his date;
And made her irate
Neither she (nor the cops) were impressed

-Edward Leer


One Response to “Bitch turned me in.”

  1. Briana and Olivia Says:

    As some one very close to “Woman” thank you for not praising Mr. Barry. He has hounded her and all she wanted was for her and her kids to get away from his lewd and nasty talking on her front porch in front of her elderly neighbors. Think of some more. They help me not cry when I read comments of the people who do not know her and what Mr. Barry has put her through. She is ill and holds back the water in her eyes and trying to pretend that she is strong through adults telling lies for him. Thank you sir.

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