Crowds gathered at R St & Church
To watch the race (more like a lurch)
Through water, they slogged
The veterans jogged
Not bad, given such a high perch

Some costumes seemed like a cliche
While others were downright risque
Then Fenty appeared
He watched and he cheered
And stole the show in his beret



Today at the Board of Elections
We heard many vocal objections
The folks most irate
Demand a debate
‘Bout who deserves rights and protections

The quite disingenuous ring
Of Jackson today quoting King
The Bishop got trounced
As Catania pronounced
A history lesson with zing´╗┐



This lim’rick goes out just to Ben
We hope that now gone, he’s found zen
For the life that he led
and the people he fed
D.L. gives a hearty ‘amen!’

He started it in ’58
When dentistry wasn’t his fate
Then it seemed silly
A place to buy chilli?
Yet clearly he’d made something great

On U St when jazz was the thing
Musicians would eat and then sing
The great Nat King Cole
Devoured his bowl
And business was good until King

The loss of the great MLK
Brought riots and bad disarray
The grief came to blows
But Ben’s didn’t close
And still remains strong to this day


Happy gay marriage Tuesday

October 6, 2009

Dear readers, today’s a big day
For allies of marriage that’s gay
Catania delights
In full marriage rights
The challenge: keep Congress at bay


This week saw officials unveil
A bike hub adjacent to rail
It’s shaped like a helmet
You can’t overwhelm it
It’s roughly the size of a whale

The details are not looking purtee
As the count of arrested nears thirty
It seems that Kamus
Was one of a few

Involved in these taxies so dirty

It stinks to be one of those guys
Who’s doomed to a funny demise
While riding a scooter
Hit by a commuter
Who rudely forgot his goodbyes


The cabbies may boycott in AdMo
To tell Graham they think his bill’s bad, woah
The imminent shitshow
Seems rather legit though
If money bought laws, I’d be mad yo!