District Limerick moved to DC in the summer of 2007 and  started blogging immediately. She’d been writing limericks since a tender age, but mostly for her dad’s birthday, in homage to really tasty meals, or to woo nerdy boys. Arriving in our nation’s capital, she noticed the vacuum of poetry about local current events and took it upon herself to give the District what it needed: snarky over-simplified rhyming stanzas about news inside the beltway.

District Limerick achieved quasi-instant quasi-celebrity thanks to a make-your-own-business-card website and more importantly, a certain limerick connoisseur in the DC area. Through him, she found herself with a lucrative offer to publish her rhymes in the local alt weekly paper. Sadly, she wasn’t cut out for the licketysplit world of live limerick-blogging the presidential debates…and so here she is.

Recently, District Limerick has been joined by her dear friends Edward Leer and De Poetry non est Disputandum (who also goes by ‘Jim’).

UPDATE: District Limerick rhymes for the Washington City Paper now! Read more limericks at the City Desk blog.


Contact info: districtlimerick@gmail.com


6 Responses to “About District Limerick”

  1. Hi DL friends,

    I. love. this. blog.

    I’m going to pimp it on WeLoveDC, which I notice is sadly missing from your blogroll (Even the 42 is on there!). Maybe some blogroll love?

    Trevor Willett brought your lovely work to my attention.

  2. Bill Myers Says:

    Dear District Limerick,

    I’d like to interview you for a story in our paper.

    Can you call me, please?

    Direct: (202) 459-4956.



  3. LicketySplit Says:

    Hi! This is kind of hard for me to ask, but would you please go on a date with me?,

  4. LicketySplit Says:

    Very nice post! What I like most about is the fact that you dont try to force your opinion on anyone. You just kind of lay the information out there and let people make their own decision… Keep it up yo!

  5. LicketySplit Says:

    Sorry for being off-topic, but you totally remind me of one of my ex-girlfriends. I miss her a lot.,

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