If the rhymes posted here make you groan
Well, don’t hesitate or postpone
It’s completely legit
For you to submit
Right here, a poem of your own!


13 Responses to “Guest Limericks”

  1. Trevor Says:

    Fred they say has the best chance to win,
    him and Reagan are just like kin,
    he talks with a drawl,
    answering the neo-con’s call,
    there’s a reason behind his dumb grin.

    But it’s a tough battle he will face,
    his divorce is a disgrace,
    some call him lazy,
    some say he’s crazy,
    he’ll struggle to win the county’s embrace.

  2. Sharon Says:

    There once was a girl from Minnesota,
    Whose wit missed not an iota
    She read and she wrote and maybe a quote
    Until things changed for the betta

  3. Trevor Says:

    On Sunday the winner was Angel Cabrera
    Maybe the start of a brand new era?
    Where players smoke during the round,
    bogeys on par 4 300 yard holes abound,
    And where Tiger gets burnt, he needs aloe vera.

  4. Trevor Says:

    There once was a thing called a veto,
    But some prefer to do it incognito,
    You just jot down a note,
    Slitting the bills throat,
    Bush thinks signing statements are neato.

    But when the Dems (or GAO) pry,
    Agencies seem intent not to comply,
    Which might be illegal,
    and appears rather regal,
    which seems more fitting of Shanghai.

  5. Ken Says:

    A Bush who once preached law and order
    Pardons Scooter, a lawyer turned porter.
    He says, “No great shame
    In naming Val Plame
    I’m the law, and Dick gives the orders.”

  6. Trevor Says:

    Gore used to have a great love,
    but after the Court gave him the shove,
    He’s done with that game,
    Saving the world’s his new aim,
    In 2009 he won’t be part of the Gov.

  7. Trevor Says:

    Democrats to Filibuster. . .Themselves

    The Senate has had just enough,
    they’re going to show that it’s no bluff,
    by staying up all night,
    elongating the Iraq fight,
    That’s how Senators (or 6 year-olds) show they’re tough.

  8. renaissanceguy Says:

    A limerick, if you should choose,
    Will dispell any case of the blues.
    It’s a neat little verse,
    So clear and so terse,
    It’s a great way to relate the news.

  9. Trevor Says:

    Spy Bill Held up by Misunderstanding of word “can.”

    “They’ve not drafted a bill I can sign,”
    Bush says with a rather loud whine,
    “For national security protection,
    And the GOP in the ’08 election,
    The Dems recent proposals I must decline.”

  10. Ben Says:

    Our policy, it seems, is a mess
    Regarding what means of duress
    We can use in detentions
    Under the Geneva Conventions
    Can we beat them until they confess?

    If not, can we give them away
    And let foreign interrogators play?
    There’s a man without qualm
    In a cell in Amman
    Who’ll pick up where leave off CIA.

  11. riley cyrus Says:


    A new preppy reality show?
    Auditions in Georgetown? I’ll go!
    After smoking my fifth joint
    I cruised M to Smith Point
    To ride high society’s flow

    But the blonde charity mafia’s frills
    Aren’t mopping up Late Night Shots’ spills
    And now I feel lost
    In this sea of Lacoste
    (If only DC were The Hills…)

  12. Robby Sturgis Says:

    The C-word discovered by Apple Gate
    If it worsened it would be too late
    She – with the courage of a lion
    Made here decision with little crying
    For the outcome we’ll just have to wait.

  13. Steve Says:

    The pro-lifers presumed then to tutor us
    On what women should do with their uterus
    Fifty million they paid
    To defeat Roe v. Wade
    But they couldn’t persuade David Souterus
    – Steve’s friend Nick

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